The Northwestern Medical Center (NMC) is underway with a major expansion of their facilities and medical services.  Included with this expansion will be the introduction of a Valet Service provided by local veteran organizations and the Elk’s Lodge.

The Veterans Valet Service will provide vehicle parking and a shuttle service, which will be limited to within the NMC campus.  As many veterans and Elks Lodge volunteers as possible will be needed to implement this service.  It is anticipated that on a daily basis, a minimum of four volunteers will be needed - 2 for the 1st shift and 2 for the 2nd shift.  The scheduled time for the 1st shift will be 0800-1130am and the 2nd shift will be 1130-1500pm (3:00). 

One volunteer will be located at the main entrance at a specifically identified podium for the Valet Service.  The other volunteer will be operating the 6-passenger electric shuttle vehicle in a route around the parking lots and various other building entrances.  There will be constant radio communication between the individual at the podium and shuttle driver.

Volunteers for the Valet Service will be required to complete an NMC volunteer application and a background check form.  Once the application is accepted, NMC will conduct orientation training and any other training, such as, confidentiality, safety, security, etc.  All volunteers will realize certain NMC benefits and insurance coverage during duty hours.

This is a great opportunity for all veterans and Elks’ members to show the St Albans community that we continue to serve.

Applications may be obtained by calling 524-1299



USDA Program Supports Spring Home Repairs..
Rural Homeowners Encouraged to Apply 

MONTPELIER, Vt. (April 13, 2017) – USDA Rural Development will help rural, low-income homeowners repair or improve their homes this spring through the Single Family Housing Repair Program. This program offers loans that can be repaid over 20 years with a fixed one percent interest rate for home improvement projects that repair existing damages, remove health or safety hazards, or make energy efficiency investments. Very-low income seniors aging in place can seek a $7,500 grant to help remove health and safety hazards and increase the accessibility of their homes.

In 2016, more than 200 Vermont and New Hampshire families improved their homes with the support of a USDA Home Repair loan or grant. Past projects include fixing broken wells, repairing roofs, and increasing home accessibility through installing a ramp or bathroom modifications. USDA hopes to increase the number of homeowners served by this program across the state. Interested applicants should contact the USDA Housing Specialist closest to them.

Vermont Housing Specialists

Deborah Boyd (Southern Vermont) - (802) 689-3023

Megan Roush (Central Vermont) - (802) 828-6006

Rita Weisburgh (Northwestern Vermont)  - (802) 828-6003

Dianne Drown (Northeast Kingdom) - (802) 748-8746 ext. 125. 


USDA, through its Rural Development mission area, administers and manages housing, business and community infrastructure programs through a national network of state and local offices. These programs are designed to improve the economic stability of rural communities, businesses, residents, farmers and ranchers and improve the quality of life in rural areas.

For more information on Rural Development visit the Vermont Rural Development website ( ) or contact USDA RD at (802) 828-6000.